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Whatever your problem or concern, we can help you and increase your sales. We provide photography, marketing and training services. We provide radical solutions to customers and companies' problems by identifying the problem, dismantling it, analyzing it, providing the solution, adding high value and a competitive advantage to your organization, and this leads to doubling sales. We study the feasibility of the project, we analyze the market, we analyze your customers, consumer behavior and your competitors, we determine who is your ideal customer and what he is looking for, so a customer buys only what he needs, we analyze your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and the general environment We divide the market, targeting and positioning, clean the competitive value of your organization and then prepare the marketing mix consisting of 8 elements. We choose the right strategy to enter the market as there are 4 ways to do it. Develop a pricing strategy There are 8 strategies for doing this Developing a promotional strategy, defining promotional goals, planning and launching advertising campaigns Developing a high-quality customer service management system, implementing marketing and operational plans, following up and training entrepreneurs and those in charge of work so that they do not need us anymore. We guarantee the success of the project for small and medium-sized companies within a specified period of 90 days with a money-back guarantee according to specific criteria such as ensuring that your sales team is trained, professional, has high-quality customer service and has an appropriate budget for marketing, as many entrepreneurs are ignorant of the importance of financial support for marketing and only taking care of products Or decoration, protocols, etc. This leads to loss and bankruptcy of the organization, says Dr. Coulter, who is a spiritualist. The father of marketing says: All jobs in the world revolve around one job, which is marketing. Babel Company for Artistic Production, Photography, Media and Advertising was established in 1977 in Baghdad. We produce films, documentaries, event coverage, video advertisements, media marketing and training for small and medium enterprises in business aspects. We are considered one of the distinguished companies in the United Arab Emirates because we are the only ones who provide guarantees. We have many professional teams equipped with high-precision and quality equipment and systems designed to meet the desires of companies and the needs of your customers, business success and fruitful training. We would love for you to join us as part of our community. We do what we say.

Dr. Marwan Al-Azzawi,
CEO of the company